The death of hope

:: politics, doomed, climate

In 2016 you voted for brexit. But you voted for it because the leave campaign lied to you, of course: not because you didn’t like foreigners very much and didn’t care very much about your children’s future.

Of course you didn’t vote for those reasons: how insulting and arrogant of me to even suggest you might have, to suggest that you might be even a little bit selfish or even a little bit racist. Instead I am meant to believe that you are so stupid that you believed the lies you were told.

Well, I don’t believe that. I don’t think you are stupid: I think you knew what you were asking for in 2016, whatever you might claim.

On the 12th of December 2019, enough of you voted for brexit again to ensure it happens. This time you don’t get to claim you were lied to: you knew what brexit means because you are indeed not stupid and you have not been fooled by the lies the laughing clown and the people pulling his strings tell. This time you know that brexit means that your children will not have the opportunities you had, that we will not fix climate change and that your grandchildren will live with the terrible consequences of that failure. But you don’t care about your children & still less about their children, do you? All you care about is yourself and that there should be less foreign people: you really don’t like foreign people, do you? And you will get your racist fantasies fulfilled even if it means murdering your own children.

And when it’s done, when the nasty foreigners are gone and somehow your dream racist empire has not arisen, who are you going to blame then? Who will be the next group to be eliminated? The Gypsies first, I expect, and then the Jews and anyone not ‘English’ enough for you, the ‘liberals’, the ‘deviants’, the scientists and anyone who wanted to remain in the EU, anyone who wanted there to be hope. Especially them.

Finally, when they are all gone (who will wonder where they have gone?), your empire of mud will be complete and you will turn on each other.

It has been coming for a long time, but this is the moment when hope for the future died. You are old and you know there is no hope for you: your future holds only slow physical and mental decline, with death at the end of it, as does mine. But you can’t bear to think that there are other, younger, people who might have less dark futures ahead of them than yours. So you have put out the lamps of their futures along with those of your own. Because there is no light in your life you have extinguished the light of the world.

How dare you?