Two simple pattern matchers for Common Lisp

:: programming, lisp

I’ve written two pattern matchers for Common Lisp:

  • destructuring-match, or dsm, is a case-style construct which can match destructuring-bind-style lambda lists with a couple of extensions;
  • spam, the simple pattern matcher, does not bind variables but lets you match based on assertions about, for instance, the contents of lists.

Both dsm and spam strive to be simple and correct.

What if Putin is rational?

:: politics, doomed

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine is horrifying. As well as the awfulness of what is happening to the people of Ukraine, Putin’s apparent irrationality is terrifying. What if he is not being irrational?

Vector supercomputers

:: computer

There are apocryphal reports that Apple M1 systems are not as fast as people have been led to believe for general-purpose programs. That’s unsurprising.

The way out

:: politics, science, doomed

Many people would like to believe that the CV19 pandemic is over. Unfortunately viruses do not listen to what people want to believe: the CV19 pandemic is not over, and there is a significant possibility it may never be over. The way out is not to pretend that it is.